Research and Development

One of the huge benefits of supercritical CO2 is the tunability of the process through modulation of temperature, pressure and co-solvent inclusion. This means that for any one specific feedstock, achieving the highest extraction yield, or producing an extract with the highest concentration of a particular target compound requires optimisation of these conditions.

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Our ‘optimisation process’ is often applied to novel biomass feedstocks not currently explored with SCF extraction. We understand that the cost of SCF extraction has long been a prohibitive factor in the choice of extraction techniques, meaning that many extractions are historically done using less than ideal processes. We are keen to re-explore the processing of these feedstocks with our clients, as well as investigating completely novel feedstocks made achievable only by working closely with a SCF processor such as ourselves.

We also work with clients at the other end of the spectrum, exploring a range of feedstocks with a particular target compound in mind. This may involve screening multiple biomass with a similar chemical composition to understand which feedstock would be most suitable for the end application.

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