Commercial Extraction

Our main business is commercial extraction. We have a commercial scale plant with a capacity of over 50 metric tonnes annually. We work with estates, farmers and other growers  in the UK as well as formulators, fragrance houses and other industrial sectors.

CO2 Extraction - SuperCritical Fluid Extraction

We use CO2 Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) to extract high value compounds from botanicals and other feedstocks. CO2 is a naturally occurring gas and thus there is zero risk of contamination. The CO2 is sustainably sourced and so the process is also carbon neutral. With our process there is no need for toxic or poisonous chemicals or petroleum derivatives as solvents. As well as being the benchmark process for the industry in terms of quality and yield – we are also clean and green.

Typically, we receive most botanicals dry, clean and cut in order to maximise the efficiency of the system. In this way we are able to optimise the yield for clients. We will match the botanical or feedstock with the optimum extraction method and provide scientific and analytical support throughout the process. We have complementary upstream and downsteam technology all dedicated to producing a high quality end product for the market.

Our source material is mainly temperate crops and those indigenous to the UK. Our process is carbon neutral and by servicing contracts in the UK we reduce transportation requirements and thus minimise our carbon footprint.

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