CO2 gets a bad press. Quite rightly in many respects as it has been well documented that high levels of CO2 are problematic (to say the least!)

CO2 Extraction Technology

However as with all things it is about balance and without CO2 life on our planet is unsustainable. It is a naturally occurring gas and isn’t going anywhere. We will continue to investigate and highlight how CO2 can be harnessed and used to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Education, encouragement and research…

If we can educate and thereby encourage greater uses for CO2 perhaps we can not only provide a ‘value added’ aspect but find other ways to apply CO2 and thus reduce or at worst delay its release into atmosphere. CO2 Super Critical Fluid Extraction we have touched on but there are other applications that are perhaps less known but potentially no less impactful. These include but are not limited to: Drying, Cleaning and Degreasing; Impregnation of materials with soluble components: Particle Formation (including nanoparticles).

Whilst the majority of our commercial ventures involve the extraction of natural compounds from Biomass, we are also keen to investigate these alternative uses for SCF. Since SC-CO2 is considered a green solvent, we are particularly keen to further the environmentally friendly credentials by utilising the strong solvent capability of SC-CO2 to extract, purify and recycle compounds from waste material (including electronics) which currently cannot be easily recycled and have a substantial negative environmental or carbon footprint in their production.

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