Based in Lancaster, in the North West of England, CO2 Extraction Ltd (CO2E) specialises in the extraction of high value bio-active compounds and oils from botanicals using Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) processes. 

CO2E operates in a niche area offering clients the opportunity to realise the full ‘value added’ for the extraction of their bio-actives from natural resources. This at a time when the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries are increasingly seeking natural ‘active’ ingredients for their products. 


SCFE has long been regarded as the optimum extraction technique available. Other techniques involving refrigerant gases, butane and hexane extraction have become less popular and even illegal owing to environmental concerns. Other processes such as steam distillation or cold pressing are considered wasteful, and/or time consuming. 

What CO2E is able to offer is a holistic or ‘one stop’ service to those clients previously unable to consider CO2 technology for their extractions due to prohibitive cost or simply a lack of availability. Our versatility comes from having both a pilot plant and commercial scale equipment in house. Our R&D facility enables clients to prove concept, optimise the extraction and then move immediately into commercial production – a unique proposition. 


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